About Us

About Us

Mayapaz Industrial Kitchen, which was established in 1994 under the brand name of Maya, was founded on a strong and solid infrastructure with the knowledge, experience and experience of its founders in the sector.

Combining many years of experience in production with developing technologies, Maya offers quality and reliable products to its customers.

Our company, which entered a more dynamic and more progressive manufacturing process with the Mayapaz brand it created after 2005, works to serve you better by constantly developing new products. Maintaining its innovative line without sacrificing quality, Mayapaz aims to provide perfect service to our valued customers. Mayapaz puts into production the kitchen machines and projects, which are obtained by the long and meticulous work of engineers who are experts in the field of kitchen, using all the possibilities of technology.

Mayapaz, which aims to keep a principled and hardworking structure, respectable customer relations, and superior quality principle at the highest level when it first stepped into the sector, aims to be a company that has taken the leadership of the sector with the confidence of reaching the targets it has set in the past. Every product offered with the signature of Mayapaz will give you the pleasure and comfort of quality.

Mayapaz family has adopted an innovative quality policy that respects people, society and the environment.

All equipment produced by Mayapaz is subjected to a series of quality control processes until it reaches you. Our company, in accordance with TSEK, TSE, ISO 9001 quality certificates and according to CE norms; pre-production part control, production stage and post-production durability, performance and safety tests are subjected to.

The results of all these quality control stages are examined by experts. The obtained data is archived within our company by turning it into a report.

Our products, which are offered to consumers through our dealerships and branches in Turkey, are appealing to wider masses every day. Standing out with its quality as well as after-sales services, Mayapaz offers its products with an unconventional marketing concept in the sector with its technical support and consultancy services.

Mayapaz, which has become a well-known and preferred brand in the domestic market, continues its development abroad. Foreign sales points created through qualified collaborations are increasing day by day. The goal is to establish kitchens where the Mayapaz brand is preferred in every region of the world. Our vision and development trend is our biggest strength that motivates us to reach this goal.