Mayapaz hot keeping unit is an equipment that keeps fried chicken and similar chicken products fresh and hot for a long time. This equipment can also be used to store all products that are desired to be crispy inside and out, as there are water bain-marie in the lower assembly and infrared or halogen lamps in the upper assembly.

Enrgy Type  Code Name of the Product Dimensions Capacity Power Energy Weight Net
      (mm)   (kW) (V-Hz) (kg) (m3)
M-HD2 Hot Holder 860x610x480 10 kg 1,7 230V-50Hz 38 0,25
M-HD3 Hot Holder 1205x610x480 12 kg 1,9 230V-50Hz 48 0,35
M-HD4 Hot Holder 860x610x810 20 kg 3,4 230V-50Hz 52 0,45
M-HD6 Hot Holder 1205x610x810 30 kg 3,8 230V-50Hz 105 0,60